Irish Primary PE Association Annual Conference

On Saturday the 27th February, the Irish Primary PE Association held their annual conference in the UCC Mardyke Arena in Cork. IPPEA 1The conference was attended by nearly 100 primary school teachers. A number of classes were ran throughout the day, designed to give teachers ideas and activities to promote quality PE and sport in primary schools. One of these classes was Circuits with a Twist and it focused on fun and easy ways to improve physical activity and muscular strength development.
Martin Hogan, Paul Hogan and Ronan Casey from Cuan Rithe TOW gave a brief Tug of War presentation during this class. They gave the teachers in attendance a quick rundown and demonstration of the basics of tug of war. IPPEA 4They told those in attendance how to quickly and easily get kids pulling tug of war and showed how the sport is an excellent way to improve teamwork, stamina and strength in a fun, enjoyable way.

The participant’s of the class were told about the ITOWA initiative being run by Cathy O Toole where schools can arrange for a demonstration day and a junior rope to be provided to them. This will allow schools to get a more in depth explanation and demonstration of how to get kids pulling tug of war. All attendees of the conference also received a flyer with more information about this initiative.

We would like to thank Susan Marron from the IPPEA for allowing us to take part as it has already lead to enquires from schools around the country looking to get involved.



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