Ashbourne ET

Ashbourne ET 1 Mary Catherine Murphy and Cathy O’ Toole, the Irish Tug of War Association’s School Development Officer delivered a tug of war rope to Ashbourne ETNS on February 9th. Ashbourne ET is striving to gain the active school flag. Teachers and pupils are trying to increase pupils levels of activity and interest in taking part in sport both in school and at home. Introducing a varied range of sporting opportunities is one way in which to do so.

Ashbourne ET 2

Cathy and Mary Catherine took all classes in Ashbourne ET’s developing school, ranging from Junior Infants to 3rd, for a session. They showed the pupils the gear used when pulling inside vs outside and their collection of medals and trophies won whilst competing for both club and country.

Ashbourne ET 3

The Infant classes took turns pulling tyres and weights in teams. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes pulled weights in order practice their technique, culminating in class competitions where half classes were pitted against each other for glory.
Ashbourne ET 4
When pupils were asked what they had learned from the sessions and enjoyed most these were their responses: Melissa from 1st Class said, “I didn’t know that tug of war took so much effort but I lost two times. It’s so hard to pull those tyres across the PE hall. I really liked the tug of war.” “I liked that we had competitions to see were the girls or the boys the strongest!” remarked Jenna from 2nd Class. “I didn’t know that if you pulled the rope it wouldn’t snap.” said Nicola from 1st Class. Cathy and Mary Catherine left the new rope for continued use in the school and both pupils and teachers look forward to doing so.
Ashbourne ET 5 Ashbourne ET 6 Ashbourne ET 7

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