Active School Flag BannerThe Irish Tug of War Association is delighted to be partnering with the Active School Flag (ASF) initiative. This great initiative promotes physical activity and awareness in schools around the country, introducing the children to different sports and increasing the activity levels of children. We think Tug of War is an ideal sport to partner with this initiative. It is a sport where team work is far more important than any one individual. It is a sport that is easy to pick up and do, with very little equipment. It can be done indoors with standard trainers or outdoors on the grass with trainers or football boots. This simplicity makes it very easy for schools to either run a competition during a PE class or incorporate tug of war as an exercise as part of a class or training session.


Presentation College, Bray 4As part of this collaboration, we have been running a school development program, lead by Cathy O’ Toole. The association has been calling to schools around the country, giving them a demonstration on how to pull tug of war and presenting them with a free junior rope. By partnering with the ASF initiative we have seen an enormous increase in awareness of the sport and we have been inundated with requests from schools looking to take part in the program.


The future of tug of war, like all sports, is dependent on new generations of athletes coming through all the time. Partnering with the ASF initiative has allowed our organisation to reach children at an age where they are still trying new sports and hobbies. Because the program is run on a national level, it has allowed us to introduce the sport into areas where it would have been largely unheard of. This is vital for the long term growth of a sport which has been traditionally confined to rural areas. As the population of the country continues moving to become more and more urban based, the sport needs to move with it in order to grow.


This partnership has allowed us to introduce an easy and accessible sport to children nationwide and to promote both our sport and enjoyable sporting activity in general.

Scoil Mhuire, Robinstown 6


For more information on how to run competitions or classes head to our Teacher/Coaches resource page.